At Vasavi thangamaaligai, we begin with a core commitment to ethical values. We deal exclusively in BIS 916 Hallmarked gold, a mark of quality enforced by the Bureau of Indian Standards and recognized by the government of India. However, in order to ensure that manufacturing processes do not result in jewellery that is even slightly less than 916 purity, Vasavi thangamaaligai ensures that gold is of at least 917 ( 916 + 1 Quality Service & Customer Satisfaction ) purity, i.e. more than 916 pure. To our customers, it serves as a quality assurance about the quality of the gold they buy from us. We have kept our making charges and prices at the lowest levels in the market, assuring affordability for a wider class of people. And in keeping with our standards of integrity and transparency, all transactions at Vasavi thangamaaligai are billed for the full value. In this way, customers have proof of purchase and can hold us to account for what they buy from us.

And so, Vasavi thangamaaligai is poised to make a real difference with quality gold and diamond jewellery made available at the lowest making charges and the highest standards of integrity.

Vasavi thangamaaligai, the House of Couture Jewellery, Mr.A.D. Prabhukannt was conceptualized in 2006 for all those who like to indulge in the beautiful and magical world of royal adornments.

Sometimes a single step can cover endless miles. Sometimes one man can dream every man's dream. However, A.D. Prabhukaant dream entailed a little more. He wanted to go the extra mile and ensure that more and more people could become a part of this enchanting world, by making these exquisite designs excitingly affordable. Vasavi has succeeded in inspiring the avid jewellery buyer with its beauteous creations, stunning pieces and fiercely competitive pricing in mass market.

A perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary designs, every piece of jewellery at Vasavi is carefully crafted to perfection. Vasavi is a celebration of the prism like qualities of life, emotion and colour. Upholding the beauty of Indian jewellery and its timelessness, the dazzling collection of masterpieces at Vasavi offers you the choice to express yourself in your diverse moods, be it the ensemble for an quality or a brideal collections.